Extra Mag Holsters (Various Sizes) Nylon


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Size Options:
A - Fits 22, 25, & 380 pocket autos
B - Fits older 380's Walther PPKs, Sig P230/P232
C - Fits Shield EZ, Officer models 1911's
D - Colt & Springfield 1911 Large Frame Auto
E - Fits Full Size Autos w/3.5" Barrels such as Glock 19,23 and baby glocks
F - Full Size Glocks, Rugers, S&W, Sigs Autos with 4" Barrels
G - Fits Full size autos with 5"Barrels
H - Fits Bersa 380's, Kel-tecs, Kahrs, Kimber
L - Full Size Autos with under Barrel Laser sites & Flashlights
M - Larger Frame Pocket Guns such as Beretta TomCat, Colt Government 380
N - Larger Frame Autos such as SigArms Trailside, Browning Buckmark
O - Autos with Bull Barrels up to 6" such as Ruger MarkII
P - Fits Full Size H&Ks, Hipoint 40, & Hipoint 45
Q - Fits Full Size Autos w/3.5" Barrels w/Rails
R - Fits Full Size Glocks, Rugers, S&W, Sigs Autos (4" bbls) WITH RAILS
S - Fits Full size autos with 5"Barrels w/Rails
T - Fits Glock 42,43, Ruger LC9, Walther P22
U - fits 22, 25, & 380 pocketautos w/lasers
V - Fits Mid Frame autos such as Bersa, Glock 42/43, Ruger LC9 W/lasers
W - Fits Full size Autos w/3.5"Barrels with Laser/light
X - Fits Full size Autos w/5"Barrels with Laser/light

This black nylon fully lined holster is an ambidextrous belt and clip combination. Holster has an adjustable thumb break with a steel shank for quick access. The magazine pouch holds double stacked or two single stacked magazines. There are belt loops on both sides of holster and the 2" metal clip can be moved to either side.

For security, these holsters are designed to wear with the clip on the pants and the belt through the loop to insure a more stable fit.

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