ITP Holsters (Various Sizes) Leather


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2 for $32 Leather Holsters

• Size Options:
A - Fits 22-25 Small Autos
B - Fits 2" Snub Revolvers
C - FIts Revolvers with 3" Barrels
D - Fits older 380's Walther PPKs, Sig P230/P232
E - Fits Shield EZ, Officer models 1911's
F - Fits Colt & Springfield 1911 Large Frame Auto
G - Fits Glock 19, 23, and Baby Glocks
H - Fits Full Size Glocks, Rugers, S&W, Sigs Autos with 4" Barrels
I - Fits Glock 42,43, M&P Shield, Ruger LC380
J - Fits Bersa 380's, Kel-tecs, Kahr 9mm
K - Fits 22,25,380 Pocket Autos w/laser
L - Fits Mid Frame autos such as Bersa, Glock 42/43, Ruger LC9 W/lasers

• Genuine Leather Holster
• Various Earth Tone Colors, factory choice (color/texture)
• Choose Right-Handed or Left-Handed
•  Secures inside the pants with a metal clip
• Manufactured to wear inside the waistband
• To wear in small of back, order opposite hand. If you're right handed, order Left.

Ace Case Manufacturing, LLC