Shotgun Case w Accessory Pack (6 Sizes, Various Colors)


Fits Shotguns and Unscoped Rifles


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Fits Shotguns & Unscoped Rifles
6 Size Options:
- 7-1/2"x39" up to 19" Barrels
- 7-1/2"x42" up to 22" Barrels
- 7-1/2"x46" up to 26" Barrels
- 7-1/2"x48" up to 28" Barrels
- 7-1/2"x50" up to 30" Barrels
- 7-1/2"x54" up to 34" Barrels
Heavy-Duty Nylon in a Variety of Colors
1.5" Carrying Sling with Detachable Accessory Pack
One-piece Wrap-around handle
Thick padding, soft black fabric inside lining
All Nylon Zippers