Tuckable Holsters (Various Sizes) Leather


S - Fit All style Small 22-25 Autos, JFrame, Keltec 32/380, Ruger LCP,
Beretta 22/25/32
M - Fit All style Lg Keltecs 9/40, Glock all Models, Sig Saurs,
Springfield XD's (not subcompacts), Taurus Millennium

• Genuine Leather Holster
• Choose Right-Handed or Left-Handed
• 2 Fitall Sizes Available (Small, Medium) Ambidextrous
• Secures inside the pants with a metal clip
• Manufactured to wear inside the waistband
• Completely conceals weapon
• To wear in small of back, order opposite hand. If you're right handed, order Left.
• Various Earth Tone Colors, factory choice (color/texture)

Ace Case Manufacturing, LLC